Treehouse Truck

Orlando, FL

My husband and I own a local food truck in Orlando, Florida. Originally from Philadelphia my husband had to put his staple item on the menu, a Wiz Wit, and use absolutely nothing other than Amoroso Rolls. Our Philly's are growing in popularity and we have even had customers say to us, "We have been searching for this in Orlando." If you have ever been to Orlando, you would understand how hard it is to find a good sandwich, let alone a Philly, and even more difficult to find good bread!!! Those who are not from the Philadelphia area ask me all the time what is Amoroso. I describe it to them as top quality bread from Philadelphia.

Denise Towns

San Diego

Here in San Diego we frequent a little place called Bull's BBQ. Their BBQ is VERY good but what makes their sandwich over-the-top delicious is the roll that it is made with.  I like that it is light and complimnets the flavors of the contents of the sandwich. I can eat the entire sandwich and not feel like I have a heavy doughy rock in my stomach. Thank you for providing such a great product to a little restaurant 1700+ miles away.