Linda Gemmill

Millersville, PA

I noticed just recently that grocery stores,  John Herrs in Millersville, and Darrenkamps in Willow St. have started selling your rolls. I must tell you they are absolutely the best rolls I have ever eaten, I hope you never stop delivering to these stores. They are so moist and chewy. So often rolls will LOOK good but they're dry inside. Your rolls are the greatest, you made my day.



Treehouse Truck

Orlando, FL

My husband and I own a local food truck in Orlando, Florida. Originally from Philadelphia my husband had to put his staple item on the menu, a Wiz Wit, and use absolutely nothing other than Amoroso Rolls. Our Philly's are growing in popularity and we have even had customers say to us, "We have been searching for this in Orlando." If you have ever been to Orlando, you would understand how hard it is to find a good sandwich, let alone a Philly, and even more difficult to find good bread!!! Those who are not from the Philadelphia area ask me all the time what is Amoroso. I describe it to them as top quality bread from Philadelphia.

-Sarah Clements Olivieri

Patrice Leed

Millersville, PA


The deli at my work made all their sandwiches on Amoroso rolls. Customers LOVED our sandwiches and once I tasted the Amoroso rolls with our home baked meats I knew why. FANTASTIC, DELICIOUS & FRESH are the words that come to mind to describe Amoroso rolls!! The problem was my employer retired,closing the business, not only did I lose my job but our rolls! Fortunately I found them at a local grocery store. Whether we make a "typical" sandwich or home made meatball sandwiches (or heat the rolls plan with dinner) Amoroso makes the sandwich !!!!