Ono Cheese Steaks



It was great talking to you this morning and thank you in advance for any Amoroso material that you are able to send our way. You know, being out here in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, we're challenged all the time by East Coast visitors for calling our cheese steaks an “Original Philly Cheese Steak.”

But as soon as we say we use Amoroso’s rolls, all doubts disappear. They look at us with that big East Coast smile and they say, “You guys understand! It’s all about the roll.” Then they come in again and again to order an original Philly cheese steak sandwich.

And they’re never disappointed!

-Joey Castaneda, CEO

Brianto's Original Hoagies



Before our guests will order for the first time, they always ask, "What kind of bread do you use?" And with a knowing smile, I always say, "There's only one kind of roll to use for a Philly cheese steak or hoagie, and that would be an Amoroso's roll."

Their response is always the same. "I'll have a large cheese steak with whiz, please."

-Brian Seals, Owner

Monti's Restaurant



It was a real treat meeting all of you today. Seriously! We were very impressed that you had heard of us. As we mentioned, opening Monti’s has been a dream of ours but we couldn’t have done it without Amoroso’s rolls.

To us, it’s not an authentic Philly cheese steak without an Amoroso’s roll. We are very proud to be part of introducing a broader Chicago audience to your great rolls.

I hope the next time you are in Chicago you visit Monti’s. In the meantime, visit our web site to see all the fun cheese steaks, hoagies and grinders we’re serving on your rolls. Cheers!

-Jennifer Monti, Owner